Drum Making & Rattle Making Workshops

Ann Keller gives drum and rattle making workshops in Mt Shasta, California. Come and create your own drum in the vortex energy of this sacred mountain.

I begin with a ceremony, first smudging each participant. Then I call the spirits of the animals, plants, and minerals who have given themselves for our drums, rattles and our lives. Then I lead you through the process of making your drum.

One can set up their own drum making group and date.

An additional charge of $35.00 will be added for individual workshops.

“The sacredness of the space that was created by Ann in which to make a drum was instrumental in creating a drum that is very powerful and sings with energy. I use my drums and rattles everyday to say prayers for healing and to call in the Spirits of the land and my own helping spirits. I love the sound the drum makes when elk, willow oak and I play together…what sweet sounds ~ Susan Brennan, Weed, CA

Please call Ann at 530-926-3416 or cell 530-859-9252 to further discuss Anns Drums workshop arrangements.


The cost of the workshop is based on the size of the drum and the hide you choose.You can make a drum with natural or dyed elk hide, or natural deer hide, or natural horse hide, or natural buffalo hide.

14″, 15″ and 16″ drums cost between $240.00 – $280.00
18″ drums cost between $270.00 – $290.00

You will pick a pre-made beater made from sheep skin or leather to go with your drum.

” Making my own drum was magical but the real surprise was having Ann dye the elk hide by tying it and soaking it with crushed black walnut shells.  I never expected the design that emerged.  It gave me a different view of myself which the drum still helps me to carry.” – Nikki Lee Hill ~ Weed, CA

Custom dyed or tie-dyed hides are available in blue, red, brown, purple, forest green, and turquoise. There is an additional charge of $20.00 for custom dyed hides.

Drum workshops are 6+ hours long. workshop size limit is 6 participants


You can make a rattle with Ann. $95.00 for a 4 to 5 hour workshop

When I make rattles, these are the contents I put inside;

  • beans and corn to feed the spirits
  • ant hill rocks to bring in Mother Earth energy
  • pebbles from sacred sites, beaches and mountains
  • various crystal pieces to bring in qualities one desires

So when you make a rattle, these are available for you to use. You may have some pebbles from sacred places you have been and can be put in your rattle.

Birthing a rattle is a very creative and enlivening process.