Anns Drums

Anns Drums are very beautiful and have an incredible resonance that sends vibrations through one’s most inner self when they are played. Thus, playing Ann’s drums can be a very relaxing, centering and healing experience.
Ann’s drums are made in a Native American style hoop frame drum, also called a Shaman’s drum. Ann’s drums are light and easy to hold. Each hide has it’s own unique coloration and markings, thus making each drum unique.

Ann will custom make a drum just for you. Ann’s Shaman and Native American drums are perfect for use in shamanic journeying, drum circles, meditating and rituals. Drumming induces healing because it aids us in reconnecting to the rythms of nature, our bodies and our deeper selves. Drumming is one of the most effective ways to slow down our brain waves and induce brain-wave synchronization of the left and right brain.

Drumming together in a group is very powerful. Through drumming, we can attune ourselves to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Anns Drums will sing to you and you can find your voice with them.