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"Drumming follows the heartbeat and echoes the pulse of Mother Earth. From drums we learn about deep movement and connection. Listen to rhythms inside and out. May you always know what moves you." Anonymous




Anns Drums

Anns Drums are very beautiful and have an incredible resonance that sends vibrations through one's most inner self when they are played. Thus, playing Ann's drums can be a very relaxing, centering and healing experience.
Ann's drums are made in a Native American style hoop frame drum, also called a Shaman's drum. Ann's drums are light and easy to hold. Each hide has it's own unique coloration and markings, thus making each drum unique .Ann will custom make a drum just for you. Ann's Shaman and Native American drums are perfect for use in shamanic journeying, drum circles, meditating and rituals. Drumming induces healing because it aids us in reconnecting to the rythms of nature, our bodies and our deeper selves. Drumming is one of the most effective ways to slow down our brain waves and induce brain-wave synchronization of the left and right brain. .

Drumming together in a group is very powerful. Through drumming, we can attune ourselves to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Anns Drums will sing to you and you can find your voice with them.

Native American hoop style drum making in Mt Shasta, CA

Anns drums, Anns drums




Ann Keller









Meet Ann Keller... Master Drummaker

Ann Keller grew up on a farm and had a close relationship with the natural world.  She then brought her gifts and talents to inner city children where she taught elementary school for 38 years.  Now she uses her teaching skills and connections with nature in her drum and rattle making workshops.  She made her first drum in 1990.

" I was a co-leader in a women's ritual group and met a drummaker who led each of us in making our own Native American style hoop frame drum. I knew I would teach others how to do this and began giving drum making workshops in 1998."

To date, Ann has given more than 200 workshops and has made and/or assisted in the making of over 1600 drums. For over 18 years Ann has been bringing people together to find their voice while playing their drums.
"Over the past 20 years, I've learned about and participated in many Native American and indigenous spiritual ceremonies, such as ;sweat lodges, making prayer ties, and doing other rituals.  I did these with a  Lakota man and his wife, David Kukkola from the Saami tribe, and Bruce Elijah from the Oneida  tribe. I did intensive body spirit work with these medicine men focusing on inner spirit consciousness.Through my work with them, I found my medicine path."

"I took the basic Journey Workshop with Michael Harner who is the Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Mill Valley, California.
I learned how to journey with the heartbeat of the drum to get healing advice from my spirit allies. Then I formed a women's group in which we drummed to journey."

" Each drum, rattle and drum bag I craft, is done in ceremony honoring the spirits of the animals, plants, and minerals who give themselves as healing tools for us."

"Drumming leads me into a deeper spiritual connection with myself and all the spirits around me."

Anns Drums are currently in the hands of people in Canada, Europe, Japan ,China, Australia and here in the U.S.

Shamanic Drum Circles....
Ann will host a Shamanic drum circle in Mt Shasta, CA. at her home for groups from 4 to 20 people. Ann will provide all the drums for the participants. Ann will teach the group how to journey to the upper and lower worlds to meet their spirit allies and get healing advice from them.

The cost is $40.00 per participant. It uaually lasts one and a half hours.

Call Ann at 530.926.3416 for information and to schedule your group Shamanic drum circle



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drum workshops


t Shasta, CA

Drum makers at a workshop in
Mt Shasta, CA


Drum Making & Rattle Making Workshops

Ann Keller gives drum and rattle making workshops in Mt Shasta, California. Come and create your own drum in the vortex energy of this sacred mountain.

I begin with a ceremony, first smudging each participant. Then I call the spirits of the animals, plants, and minerals who have given themselves for our drums, rattles and our lives. Then I lead you through the process of making your drum.

One can set up their own drum making group and date.

An additional charge of $35.00 will be added for individual workshops.

"The sacredness of the space that was created by Ann in which to make a drum was instrumental in creating a drum that is very powerful and sings with energy. I use my drums and rattles everyday to say prayers for healing and to call in the Spirits of the land and my own helping spirits. I love the sound the drum makes when elk, willow oak and I play together...what sweet sounds ~ Susan Brennan ~ Weed, CA

Please call Ann to further discuss Anns drums workshop arrangements.


Drum Workshop details....

The cost of the workshop is based on the size of the drum and the hide you choose.You can make a drum with natural or dyed elk hide, or natural deer hide, or natural horse hide, or natural buffalo hide.

14" 15" and 16" drums cost between $230.00-$260.00
18" drums cost between $260.00-$280.00

You will pick a premade beater made from sheep skin or leather to go with your drum.

Custom dyed or tie-dyed hides are available in blue,red, brown, purple, forest green, and turquoise. There is an aditional charge of $20.00 for custom dyed hides.

Drum workshops are 6+ hours long.

Rattle Workshop details....

You can make a rattle with Ann.

$95.00 for a 4 to 5 hour workshop

Other Workshops...

Making feather fans, dream catchers, wands, shields, leather pouches, leather covered journals and spirit dolls. The basic cost is $95.00 to $125.00 for a 4 to 5 hour workshop.

Gift Certificates Available ~ Please contact Ann Keller for details

Note: prices and services are subject to change


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"Ann's drums sing to you. They resonate and allow you to wander into the depth of sounds and where it can take you as a being."
Marcia Rey~ Graphic Designer ~ Weed, CA

Anns Rattles
Anns Drums


Anns Drums Workshops Contact Ann Buy Anns Drums Links


hoop frame drum workshops in Mt Shasta, CA

Native American hoop style drum making in Mt Shasta, CA



Contact Ann...

Ann Keller ~ Master Drummaker ~ Anns Drums
614 Cedar St
Mt Shasta, CA 96067
Phone: 530.926.3416

To see Ann's business card click on card

"It seemed like a fun thing to do with friends - make a drum and maybe do a little drumming. First came the laughter and delight in our cozy workshop setting. Ann lead us and taught us the exquisite importance of Ceremony and reverence for all of the elements and spirits that would serve us in the making of our drums. That time of being together lingers in my heart as a great teaching gift.
At the close of the day my new drum and I went home. With the first tap of the beater I felt in my core the birth of our journey together. This new companion, brought to me by Ann, transports my soul to beautiful places, connects me with the Earth and joins me with all who play and hear the beat.
" ~ Sharon Wendt ~ Ashland, OR

hoop frame drum workshops in Mt Shasta, CA

Native American hoop style drum making in Mt Shasta, CA

rattle making in Mt Shasta, California, Native Americanhoop style drums in Mt Shasta, CA, rawhide handheld rattles in Mt Shasta, CA


rattle workshops

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drum worksh

ops in Mt Shasta, CA drum making in Mt S














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Drums sing our song...





Ann Keller ~ Master Drum Maker ~ Anns Drums ~ Shamanic Drum Circles ~ Mt Shasta CA
614 Cedar St ~ Mt Shasta, CA ~ (530) 926-3416
Drum & Rattle workshops available in Mt Shasta, CA


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drum workshops in Mt Shasta, CA , drum making in Mt Shasta, CA, rattle making in Mt Shasta, CA

drums in Mt Shasta, CA , rawhide rattles in Mt Shasta, CA, hoop frame drum workshops in Mt Shasta, CA

Native American hoop style drum making in Mt Shasta, CA, rattle making in Mt Shasta, CA Native American style drums in Mt Shasta, California, rawhide handheld rattles in Mt Shasta, CA


Anns Drums, Anns drums, Anns drum making, Anns drums








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