Shamanic Drum Circles

Ann will host a Shamanic drum circle in Mt Shasta, CA. at her home for groups from 4 to 20 people. Ann will provide all the drums for the participants. Ann will teach the group how to journey to the upper and lower worlds to meet their spirit allies and get healing advice from them.

The cost is $40.00 per participant. Drum circles usually lasts one and a half hours.

Call Ann at 530-926-3416 or cell 530-859-9252 for information and to schedule your group Shamanic drum circle

Drumming or rattling a steady  180 beats per minute (3 beats per second) matches the heartbeat of Mother Earth and leads to these effects.

Drumming slows our brainwave vibrations down from our usual beta state to an alpha state which gives us a sense of well-being  and internal focus.

This alpha state correlates to the electromagnetic field of the earth and the brain activity of animals, thus the basic rhythm of nature.

Drumming can induce the synchronization of our left and right brain. When this occurs, one has a sense of clarity, heightened awareness, and intense creativity.